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All That You Need to Know About Vidal Bosch Leather Belts!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

In recent years, there has been a continuously growing demand for Vidal Bosch Leather belts in the worldwide market. If you know little about this high-quality leather and belts made from it, today, we are going to tell you about this in detail.

What is Vidal Bosch leather?

Vidal Bosch leather (also popularly known as Spanish leather in Indian leather market) is Split leather with a very thin layer of polyurethane on its top surface. It is produced by Spanish leather giant, Vidal Bosch.

What makes Vidal Bosch leather 'Distinctive'?

There are features that make the Vidal Bosch leather different from others in many ways.

The most attractive thing about this leather is that its finish is highly water-resistant, scratch-resistant and sweat-resistant. High-quality embossing which imitates full-grain leather and aniline effects are other specialties of this leather.

Substantial strength of leather and remarkable adhesion between the layers of leather and PU makes Vidal Bosch a trusted name for international fashion brands.

About the belts made from Vidal Bosch Leather:

Available in a wide range of attractive textures and colors, these belts are absolutely wrinkle-free and scratch-resistant. You can purchase just straps or complete belts with buckles.

At present we offer four types of belts in Vidal Bosh/Spanish Leather:

1) Formal Belts:

These belts are made with a single layer of Vidal Bosch split leather. Its width is 35 mm and edges are sharp. It falls under the 'Formal' category of men's belts.

Formal leather belt made from Vidal Bosch leather

These belts are made with a single layer of Vidal Bosch split leather. Its width is 35 mm and edges are sharp. It falls under the 'Formal' category of men's belts.

2) Profile Belts:

Profile belt made from Spanish Leather by Vidal Bosch SA

These belts are made by pasting two layers of leather. The upper layer is of Vidal Bosch leather and the lower layer or lining is of Indian split leather. The width of these belts is 35 mm and the edges are tapered. These belts belong to the 'Formal' category of belts.

3) Semi-formal Belts:

Semi-formal belt made from Vidal Bosch Leather

These belts are made from a single layer of Vidal Bosch leather. Its width is 38 mm and the buckles used in these belts are 40 mm wide. Edges if these belts are sharp. This type of belts is categorized as 'Semi-formal', because these belts can be worn with casual as well as formal pants.

4) Reversible Belts:

Reversible Belts made from Vidal Bosch Leather

Reversible belts are made from two separate layers of Spanish Leather pasted together. Both layers of leather are of different colors, but generally of the same texture. This design of belts provides consumers two color options in a single belt. They can match their belts with different clothing options without the need for keeping multiple belts.

Turning Buckle

These belts come with turning buckles which can be flipped to both sides so that the user can choose between both color options with absolute ease.

Apart from belts, Vidal Bosch leather is also used in wallets, bags, cardholder, clutches and so many other articles. You may find multiple types of articles made from Spanish leather in our catalog.

If you want to know more about Vidal Bosch leather and articles made from it. Kindly leave your questions in the comment box below or you may also post your inquiry to us via 'Contact Us' page. We will get back to you at the earliest.

If you find this post helpful, please tell us in the comment box below. Also, please let us know about the topics you want us to cover in our upcoming blog posts.

See you soon!!

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